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Tres Seis

1999 Brown Stallion




Our Third Delight

Tres Seis is a true legend in our industry. Not only does he sire leading earning horses on the track and in the barrel pen, his daughters are consistently producing top winners as well. His foals have won over $30,000,000 and by the looks of the last few years there are many more to come - he was the sire of the leading futurity horse of the year - Tres Chasin Babe PZ as well as her counterpart ChitiChiti BangBang who together earned almost $1,000,000 in 2023!

Tres Seis had a 1D rate of at least 40% in 95% of the 20 events as a sire, and a 1D rate of at least 60% in 40% of the 20 events as a sire!

He has the HIGHEST average 1D rate of the top 10 sires with a 54% 1D Rate.

Tres Seis was the #1 Future Fortunes stallion of 2023.

He was also the #1 stallion of the Pink Buckle for 2023.

#4 overall as a dam's sire with a total of 114 and average 1D rate of 42%. Only 6 other dam's sires had 100 or more progeny that placed in the 1D in 2023. That means he did better than 99.4% of all other dam's sires!

He finished #7 for sires with number of DIFFERENT progeny that placed in the 1D with a total of 53 which is better than 98.2% of all other sires. Finished #3 for dam's sires with number of DIFFERENT progeny that placed in the 1D with a total of 28 which is better than 99.5% of all other dam's sires. This is a useful measure of risk because it shows that his progeny works well under multiple different riders and many different conditions, not just 1 "unicorn."

Proof is in the results; Tres Seis produces WINNERS. We couldn't be more proud of the many successful horses and jockeys that made these numbers possible! Thank you for your continued belief in Tres Seis! 2024 is looking bright!!

INCENTIVES (*incentives may change from year to year):

Barrels: Royal Crown, Future Fortunes, The Breeder's Challenge, Triple Crown 100, Tomorrow's Legend, Select Stallion Stakes, 5-State Breeders/Nexus, Colorado Classic, Southwest Desert Classic, Valley Girls Barrel Racing Assoc., Cornhusker, Gridiron, MN Futurity & Homegrown Classic

Racing: MNQHRA, Speedhorse, UQHRA, IQHRA Bitterroot, QHRI Indiana Racing & NDQHRA Northern Plains.


Zerlotti Genetics LTD




Tres Seis
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