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2024 Cornhusker Stallion Enrollment is Open. This year we are offering an early bird registration discount for stallion enrollment completed before January 31, 2024. (Stallion fee $400, Deceased stallion $200, Junior Stallion $200) The stallion enrollment fee after January 31 will continue to be $500, or $250 for deceased stallions, and Junior Stallions who have less than 3 foal crops can be enrolled for $250. One hundred percent of the stallion enrollment fee goes to the added money for the Breeders Futurity and Breeders Derby. In 2024, we are going to add an incentive for the Open, Youth and Senior who are competing on horses of any age sired by an enrolled stallion.

We added a webcast in 2023, and in 2024 we will be offering all stallion owners the opportunity to have their commercial air during the webcast approximately 20 times per day for $50. We continue to include our stallions in all advertising in multiple print publications and online in the following: Barrel Horse News, The Wrangler, Todays Horse, BBR World Finals Program, UNL Rodeo Program/Website, Barrel Futurity Calendar and many more. Please notify me as soon as possible about your enrollment status so we can add you to advertising immediately. You can mail a check or pay with Venmo. Thank you for your consideration and support. We could not hold the event without the support of all of our stallion owners. Please contact us if you have questions. Thank you again for your support.

Please fill out the pdf form and return the completed form to: Cornhusker Futurity LLC, 82257 Linscott Ave., Anselmo, NE 68813 or complete the online form along with payment. 


Admission fee for this course is $10


Select all incentives stallion is enrolled in:
Early Bird Discount: October 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024
After January 31, 2024
100% of the stallion enrollment fees are used for the added money in the Breeders Futurity, Breeders Derby and new this year we will offer incentives for the Open, Senior and Youth who ride horses of any age sired by enrolled stallions.
Webcast Commerical
2024 Webcast: your stallion commercial will air 20 times per day during the webcast of the Cornhusker Futurity.  you will need to submit your commercial by August 20, 2024.
Upload File
Upload File
Application Agreement:
  1. All online enrollments must be paid by check or Venmo in full.  Payment must be paid within two weeks of submission of application, or it will be discarded.
    • Mail check to: Cornhusker Futurity LLC, 82257 Linscott Ave., Anselmo, NE 68813​
    • Venmo at: @cristigaffney
  2. A copy of the registration papers must be uploaded with application.
  3. Please send or attach a high-resolution photo or flyer to be added to the website.
  4. One form per stallion.  If you have dropped out since 2009 there is a reinstatement fee of $100.  Whoever pays the enrollment fee will receive the stallion incentive money.
  5. Cornhusker Breeders and Open Barrel Futurity reserves the right to refuse enrollment to any stallion.
  6. By submitting enrollment application and making payment into the Cornhusker Breeders and Open Barrel Futurity, you agree to comply with the rules set forth for this program.​
  7. Cornhusker Futurity LLC reserves the right to refuse or terminate any person or contract.
SIGNATURE - Please verify you have read all the rules.

Thanks for enrolling!

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